Weekly Round Up: Online Portfolios

I am currently taking a Web Design Class! One of the assignments this week is to look up some well designed online portfolios! And I decided to share some of my favorites with you! (I will post my online portfolio when I am done with mine!)

This first portfolio is my favorite of all of the ones I looked at! It was designed and coded by Alexey Chernishov! He did an excellent job with making his content easy to access and I suggest you check him out!!

The second is ANOTHER of my favorites. The portfolio belongs to Kevin Lucius and the content is simply presented beautifully!

The third (and final) portfolio for this post belongs to Soft. Although I can’t read the portfolio because it is not in english, I really like how you can hover over the four images on the home page to make them color!

Please go and check out the portfolios above and give the designers some love, they all do great work and deserve some recognition!

Lastly I have some bonus content for you all! If you are a graphic designer looking to create your own Online Portfolio check out this video by Karen Kavett! (She is simply amazing!)

This post was inspired by Day 23 of Zero to Hero!


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