My lifestyle…

“We have the spirit but don’t live the life.”
-Kevin [of the ladiedottie vlogs]

This quote definitely defines me and my life style. I think of myself a someone who is country but honestly?

I don’t COMPLETELY live the life.

YES; I listen to country music.

YES; I wear my (two) pairs of cowboy boots as often as humanly possible.

YES; I go line dancing consistently.

YES; I think sun dresses and cowboy boots are semi-formal.

NO; I am not afraid to get a little dirty.

But honestly?

I wasn’t raised on a farm.

I’ve never held a gun in my life.

I like fishing but can’t stay quite for that long.

I’m a city girl; I love skyscrapers, and taxis and the rush of not having to care about the people around you but at the same time wondering…. “What are their stories?”

So I’m a mix. I don’t hang antlers on my wall but my christmas stocking is made out of denim. I wouldn’t be able to go for very long without my flip flops (or the beach for that matter). But, for some reason I identify with the country life style. Maybe it’s my dad’s upbringing or some kind of urge to get out of the city… I truly don’t know. But I LOVE my best of both worlds experience!

Thanks Kevin for saying that! I’m not 100% sure why but it struck a cord! And if you a Dot do somehow end up reading this; thanks for daily vlogging! You two are one of my favorite daily vlogging channels!


Positive Attitudes


This is hard (trust me know!) but I think it’s important!! This picture was taken before a 6 hour training for my RA position (see my about me) and I was NOT looking forward to it! It was a Friday afternoon/night and I didn’t want to spend 6 hours listening to people lecture at me! It was the end of the first week of classes after all!! ANYWAYS! moral of the story is the time FLEW by! I felt like I was having the time of my life with AMAZING people and learning SO much!! Afterwards I was bursting with energy and dancing down the hall!! It just goes to show that even though your not excited doesn’t mean that you wont have an AMAZING time!

This definitely showed me that going into student affairs might JUST be a good idea… 😀

Why I started this blog…


I didn’t have a specific post in mind. I want a creative space. (Yes I am now basically EVERY social media website; see my social media page or click the three little lines ALL the way at the top of this page to see my Instagram and Twitter)

I joined because of Zero to Hero. Well kind of…

My partner wanted to do it. But who really sticks to these kind of challenges if you don’t have someone to make you accountable?

So we’re doing it together! It’s going to be hard; it’s going to be tough; but it will be fun.

I’m hoping this turns into a creative space but we’ll see… I’m open to ideas

Me In a Nutshell

Well… Where to start…

I truly think the hardest thing in the world is to write about yourself…

Well here goes nothing….

I’m a student.

I think that defines me most. For as long as I can remember I have been going to some kind of school (ever since I was four!) Something unique about my schooling is I have only ever attended school in one town, my hometown.

I’m a Graphic Designer. (In training)

I am currently majoring in Graphic Design. I truly love the field. I love being able to express my creative side. But I don’t know if this will be my career (see below;)

I’m a Resident Adviser. 

I am currently a Resident Adviser on my college campus. And to be honest? I LOVE it! It has gotten me thinking maybe a career in Student Affairs could be a good idea for me… We shall see…

I’m a crafter.

Pinterest is my second home. I LOVE making things for other people, or even just myself! I love making something with my hands (or with a machines help and seeing the results!

I’m a photographer.

This started when I was VERY young; and is kind of in my blood. My Grandma went to Photographer school when she was my age in Germany. My whole family has ALWAYS taken photos and I LOVE Instagram. (My accounts: @mamamurray and @nofilterkaylin)

A Kreative space for me to share my work and my projects!