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How I’m Feeling

For those of you who aren’t in my universe (ok so most of you); this is a stressful week for me. My university is hosting a charrette, or

an intense period of design or planning activity

Basically what is happening is in about one hour every graphic design/art major at my university will come together in one room, the department head will probably talk, someone else important will probably talk and then they will tell us a topic, it could be anything, it could be California, it could be self portraits, as of right now we (the students) don’t know! It’s exciting but nerve racking at the same time, they expect A LOT from us, they ARE giving us two days off from school for this…

I did this as a first year, not knowing what to expect, how competitive is it really? What do they expect from us? Well now I know. I am excited to have a little bit of experience under my belt before starting this all up again, but what if they have higher expectations of me then what I produce?!?! Well, all I know is I’m going to do my best and see where that gets me 😀

If you want to follow my journey search for #kaylinscharrette on Twitter and Facebook.


Me In a Nutshell

Well… Where to start…

I truly think the hardest thing in the world is to write about yourself…

Well here goes nothing….

I’m a student.

I think that defines me most. For as long as I can remember I have been going to some kind of school (ever since I was four!) Something unique about my schooling is I have only ever attended school in one town, my hometown.

I’m a Graphic Designer. (In training)

I am currently majoring in Graphic Design. I truly love the field. I love being able to express my creative side. But I don’t know if this will be my career (see below;)

I’m a Resident Adviser. 

I am currently a Resident Adviser on my college campus. And to be honest? I LOVE it! It has gotten me thinking maybe a career in Student Affairs could be a good idea for me… We shall see…

I’m a crafter.

Pinterest is my second home. I LOVE making things for other people, or even just myself! I love making something with my hands (or with a machines help and seeing the results!

I’m a photographer.

This started when I was VERY young; and is kind of in my blood. My Grandma went to Photographer school when she was my age in Germany. My whole family has ALWAYS taken photos and I LOVE Instagram. (My accounts: @mamamurray and @nofilterkaylin)