A Week Of….

This is a post for the “Week Of…” challenge. This week it is branches!


Zero to Hero encouraged me to “throw your hat into the ring” of another Blogging Event. So, this is my response to Day 22 of Zero to Hero.


Positive Attitudes


This is hard (trust me know!) but I think it’s important!! This picture was taken before a 6 hour training for my RA position (see my about me) and I was NOT looking forward to it! It was a Friday afternoon/night and I didn’t want to spend 6 hours listening to people lecture at me! It was the end of the first week of classes after all!! ANYWAYS! moral of the story is the time FLEW by! I felt like I was having the time of my life with AMAZING people and learning SO much!! Afterwards I was bursting with energy and dancing down the hall!! It just goes to show that even though your not excited doesn’t mean that you wont have an AMAZING time!

This definitely showed me that going into student affairs might JUST be a good idea… 😀